" The Little R‚Äčed Trunk " Story


   Since 1978 I have been designing and creating cloth Doll Folk from my Minnesota home. 

My  fascination with doll making began at the age of five when while bedridden I received the gift of a wee doll in a little red trunk. Spending countless hours and using whatever materials were at hand I designed and sewed tiny cloth companions and clothes for my doll, carefully storing them in  " the little red trunk " .   I gratefully recall only that part of my confinement and little more. Today I continue to find solace in the art of creating from cloth. Borrowing from traditional folklore and beloved storybook characters I carefully choose natural and hand-dyed woolen fibers and yarns to create my annual and limited edition collections. I often enjoy catching a glimpse of the inner child emerge in the faces of my mostly adult customers as they hold one of my creations. My work has taught me that many of us, no matter our age, still hold fond memories of our treasured childhood playthings. 

My annual "Little Red Trunk" collection of Wee Folk includes dolls and ornaments fashioned from wool and other natural fibers. They are suitable for both gift giving and collecting.

Currently my work is only available at juried art fairs and shows in Minnesota or by emailing me with your request. I do not sell my work from this site.

                PeACE AND  lOVE  !!